About Me

About me


I was born a highly sensitive child in the land of Sun and ancient spirit. My sensitivity and empathy was reinforced by surgery-induced trauma while I was still only an infant. Trauma has been my holy fire of alchemical transformation and what drove me from living in self-doubt and anxiety to expanding in greater and greater Love and Ecstasy. The Love that we all Are.
Though traumatized and quite perplexed upon coming into this world that always seemed wildly strange to me, I also always held the vibration of interconnectedness and the realms of light of the higher dimensions within me.
My academic background is in translation but after some years on the sacred island of Corfu, where the Cosmic Mother was once worshipped as a Goddess of the feminine mysteries, long before she was shamed and obscured, I found out that the deepest reason I was there was in order to soak in Her presence and remember who I Am.

I have been on a journey of growth and expansion since 2010 and I am here to help you remember, heal, transform and grow in your own beautiful unique journey too. I draw my growth, guidance and inspiration from the Egyptian High Alchemy as brought forth by the unparalleled Tom Kenyon and the Hathors, as I am soulfully connected to the Hathorian and the Arcturian planetary work in this time of incredible transformation.
My soul wants you to remember the true power of your empathy and clairsentience, the real reason for your gift and how it can bring great transformation of consciousness not only personally but also collectively and on a cosmic level. I yearn to help you access your empathy’s treasures as a way to increase self-mastery and ecstasy in your life, to connect and relate deeply to others without giving away your power and your energy or staying stuck in low self-esteem patterns.
Together we will work with the energetics and deeper alchemical treasures of clairsentience and empathic connection as well as the potent transformation of the feminine mysteries, for all you beautiful goddesses who want to take your gift to a whole different level.
This is a dive into the depths of your soul, a dive into tremendous expansion, so that you can embody your highest potential as an empath and as the wonderful Master you are.

From the depths of my heart,


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