Mornings and early afternoons are a wonderful time to consciously connect with the Sun.

Turn your head towards the Sun with your eyes closed and feel its light showering your head and filling your pituitary and pineal gland, a few centimeters behind the bridge of your nose and in the center of your brain. Let the nourishing sunlight charge and activate your pituitary and pineal gland and enliven your whole brain.

Welcome the light with gratitude and feel its warmth filling your every cell. If you can, sit down with your pelvis on the ground so that you can experience the energetics of both the magnetic Earth and the electric Sun and so that your experience will be more grounded.

If you want, place your awareness in your heart chakra and immerse yourself in gratitude for the sunlight. Send the Sun your love, let your gratitude flow from your sacred heart into the Sun and feel the response of our life-giving Star.

From the Heart,


© 2015 Natasha Naoumi. All Rights Reserved.