Archangel Michael

Almighty Alchemist

Father, Guide, Guardian of the Soul

Protector of Love and of the divine plan

Michael, Archangel of transmutation, my holy Teacher

Enter my aura and all my bodies

Burn every trace of narcissism, any residue of spiritual arrogance, anything that is not the purity and humility of Spirit, the love of the heart

Help me transmute any such obstacles, so that I can always serve the Spirit with pure heart and intention, as guided

In the name of Love and in the name of the Cosmic Heart

So be it.

How I invoke an Archangel for healing and transmutation is by starting with chanting the name of the Archangel in whatever way comes through, until I feel the connection opening up. I will usually see a colour or pattern of energy and feel the energy of the Archangel. I then express all that I want to be healed and transmuted and stay in a meditative or receptive state, completely relaxing for the healing to take place. This process can take some time, it can be several minutes or even half an hour or even longer. There are no rigid rules, as healing and communion with Archangelic forces is always a highly private, sacred and individual matter. However, the invocation alone does not work. You will have to enter a meditative or relaxed state, whichever feels natural to you each time, for the healing to take place. You will have to allow the Archangel to move through you and burn all that is not serving you.

Archangel Michael is very often seen as a blue light, as his fire is a blue etheric fire that burns away, cuts energetic and karmic ties and transmutes all that does not serve you. He is the Archangel of Protection and Transmutation. One very important issue to bear in mind is that at least in my own experience so far, we cannot heal what we are not aware of. I had implored the Archangels so many times to burn and heal so many things, obstacles, traumas, thoughforms and it never occured. They only healed that which was needed each time, in diving timing, as a complete healing would be of no service to my soul. It is my experience that we must be aware of the presence and energy of whatever we wish to heal, such as its energetic pattern in our body, our physical vessel, as this is connected to our lightbody. We must hold it in our consciousness and awareness for the healing to take place. The Archangels are multidimensional cosmic forces but they can only heal as much as we allow and we are aware of. Last, after the invocation and the communion with the Archangel, more psychological material may come up in the following days and weeks, energies you have absorbed and internalised (very common in us empaths), ancestral material, such as material that stems from your parents and relatives and is related to your DNA or past-life material. Trust the process with your tender heart, even if it feels discouraging and tiresome. I am telling you with all my heart, you will be rewarded if your persist and find the courage to dive into the deep transformational work that is the Archangels’ heavenly gift of Love.