Work with me

Work with me


Illuminated Clairsentience Sessions

Go from enmeshed empath to empowered clairsentient and discover the real reason and potential of your gift and how it can be a way into Self Mastery

This work is for you if you are ready to:

  • leave behind empathic burnout and energetic enmeshment with other people’s energies and realities once and for all
  • embrace your heightened sensitivity as the sacred gift it is and use it to embody your soul’s purpose
  • discover where true and permanent shielding comes from and stop worrying about various cleansing techniques and visualizations all the time
  • find out your higher cosmic purpose right now on Gaia and the deepest alchemical secrets of being an empath
  • learn about wonderful ways to increase your empathic clairsentient potential and experience ecstasy in your life

I am so excited to share my heart’s desire with you!

Schedule your session

*kindly note that I am in GMT +2 (and +3 from end of March to end of October) so check the time difference before choosing the hour for your session.

Duration:  90 minutes

Cost:  100 Euros + VAT (where applicable)

US and non-European countries 100 Euros

Extensive Illuminated Clairsentience Guidance of 3 Sessions (within a period of 4 months).

Special Price: 240 Euros (plus VAT, where applicable).

Cancellation policy and Medical Disclaimer

If you cancel your session at very short notice, you will only receive a 50% refund. The same applies if I have to transfer your session to another day at very short notice (50% refund).

The sessions, along with any intuitive guidance provided, do not substitute proper medical and psychological support from a doctor and/or psychologist/therapist, but are complementary therapies.

Connect With us

What would you like to explore, heal and transform throughout the session? Provide a little bit about your story, your challenges as a highly sensitive person and/or and empath and where you would like to focus during the session or if there is a specific issue or several issues you would like to explore.

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